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AE Consulting is speciallized in offering solutions to the food and fresh produce industry.For many years we have given our help to companies all across europe. Our great knowledge in the industry, from the beginning part of the raw materials up to the end products, makes up capable to create a full range of services as: quality systems (IFS, BRC, QS, Globalgap, Tesco, GMP...), re-organization of companies to make them more efficients using cost reductions and increasing productiv- ity; marketing your products according to your customers expectation, energy audits or second part audits.
Agrotrain considers that education is the only way how you can develop the society. In local term, training is the only way how you can reduce the costing in your company. Thanks to the knowl- edge, your employees will have less mistakes and will get better results. We love that we’ll never know it all and there will always be something new to discover. We’re constantly expanding our knowledge and skills to improve the work we do and the lives we live. Offer free access to training is our filosophy. Our business model, just charge for issuing your course certifi- cates, in case that you need it.
Our Quality control departament is focusing in control de quality of merchandise, especialy, fruit & Vegeta- ble. We do controls prior loading in order to make sure that the customer will received the right quality avoiding problems in destination and reducing your service level. We also do surveys in destination in order to report the quality of the merchant; Our network of surveyors are based in the main ports and logistic nodos in europe.
Fresh Prices is a new los-cost personalised service providing market intelligence for the fresh products sector on an international scale. Thanks to our wide range of information, marketers are constantly aware of the fresh market ups and downs and can therefore make the right decisions at the right time for their business. With us, you can contract just what you need: choosing by product, week, country or supermarket . You choose, we deliver the prices with all the aditional information as: Supermarket, brand, origin, packaging...
Investigation & Development Division is the honest way how we study to improve systems, and develop tailor made solutions for the fresh produce industry. We invest 7% of our profit yearly in this division just for our own investigation. This area is a long term pro- ject, which is focusing in increasing the knowledge of our consultant using the close colaboration with other private and public researches all across the world.
All 4 Quality is a online shop where you can buy everything that you need for quality purposes in your com- pany. We are focusing to concentrate in just one place as many equipments as you need for meeting standards as HACCP, BRC, IFS... Don ́t bother your time missing around as we did long time ago. Save your time and your money because you can find, all that you need at honest prices and great service. Our mission is to understand your needs; and makes sure that we talk the same language.